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B - Business Class Immigration (Investors, Entrepreneurs, Self-employed)

Complete processing service where CQ Consulting will:

  • Provide you with professional consulting and advise on business and investment environment in Canada.

  • Provide you with professional consulting and advise on the Immigration Law and Regulations of Canada

  • Complete detailed assessment for your immigration to Canada and the maximum points of your score.

  • Review and identify all required documents and supporting evidence for submission of the file.

  • Prepare your application by our experienced immigration/investment specialists and make sure that it is filled out properly with all the information and supported by all necessary documents required by the Immigration.

  • Prepare and submit your application for processing (including family members) and supporting documents as required for the above application to the Canadian Immigration Authorities as well as to the Quèbec Immigration Office (if applicable).

  • Prepare supporting letter from our company to the Canadian Immigration Authorities specifically written in detail for your case.

  • Assist you in the preparation for any interview granted in consideration of the application and prepare you to pass the interview.

  • Represent you and have full contact with the Canadian Government regarding your application, including the department of Citizenship and Immigration in Canada or abroad and Quebec Immigration in Montreal or abroad.

  • Monitor your case throughout the processing period and have a full contact in all matters regarding the file with relevant authorities (Canadian Immigration in Canada and/or Canadian Consulate offices abroad and Quebec Immigration in Montreal and/or abroad) so as to ensure the timely issuance of Permanent Residence Visas.

  • Report and advise you with respect to the status of the immigration proceedings and provide you with copies of all relevant Immigration proceedings and correspondences.

  • Assist you in preparation, submission and provide applications and other information in regards to the informal assessment for immigration purpose if your profession is regulated in Canada and needs to be assessed by a Canadian Association body (such as Engineering degree, Technologist or Technician, etc. if applicable).

  • Provide you with general information about government in Canada, education, employment opportunities and health. Your rights and responsibilities in Canada, and information about buying or renting a house, etc.

Our professional immigration services are 100% guarantee of success and we will represent and support you up to the end of your immigration process.

Important Notes:

  • If you wish to visit Canada before or during the processing of your application, CQ Consulting can arrange for you to meet with the immigration officials to discuss your business plan.

  • CQ Consulting can also assist you to prepare your business plan and other needed matters to successfully launch your investment.

  • If you want to participate in the Investor program to obtain permanent residency in Canada, and do not wish to invest the required amount of $800,000 CDN for any reason, CQ Consulting can arrange for you other alternatives.

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