About Québec

Located in the northeast of the North American continent, Québec is Canada's largest province covers an area of 1,667,926 km2 (643,819 sq. mi.), it covers an area the size of Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium, Switzerland and Germany combined.

Québec is a multicultural society. The French-speaking majority coexists with an English-speaking minority, American Indian nations and people of various origins and cultures who have come from other parts of the world. The Government of Québec deems this diversity to be a source of wealth. Cultural exchanges and the coming together of all communities are encouraged.

Quebecois, either by birth or immigration, have rights and responsibilities. They have the right to choose their own lifestyle, values, opinions and religion. They have the responsibility to abide by the law, even if it is incompatible with their religion or personal values.

Entrepreneurs who are eager to explore new horizons will surely appreciate Québec's diversified, dynamic, modern, and outward-looking economy, not to mention its quality labour, competitive operating costs, and advantageous corporate taxation system.

The cost of living in Québec is one of the lowest in the world among industrialized countries.


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