Québec Selected Immigrants

The Quebec Government is the only provincial government in Canada that selects its own independent immigrants and refugees abroad who are destined for Quebec.

In agreement with the Government of Canada, the Government of the Province of Quebec is authorized to select its own immigrants (Independent Immigrant, Self-employed Worker, Entrepreneur and Investor), and for such a selection, certain applicable rules and criteria govern this province. The processing of the applicants is done through the Delegations of Quebec, located in different countries.

The Quebec immigration system is based on a "certificate system". Applicants are required to submit an application. If successful, the government of Quebec will issue a Certificate of Selection. A holder of a Quebec Certificate of Selection does not exempt the applicant from federal immigration requirements and procedures, such as a medical and security checks. Applicants must pay the Quebec processing fees in addition to the federal processing fees.

All applicants, intended to immigrate to Québec must submit an application either to a Service d'immigration du Québec (SIQ) outside Québec, or to a Canadian embassy, which will forward the application to Québec.


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Quebec Selected Immigrants
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